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            Welcome to  where design, selection and installation comes together..

Design:       When you contact you have the confidence that with over thirty years experience in ventilation                  and dust and fume control we can provide you with the correct solution to suit your particular requirements, our                        reputation is built on customer satisfaction.

Selection:   We take great care in product selection and ensuring correct product application, our products are manufactured in                    our own facility or are carefully sourced from chosen trading partners from Ireland and mainland Europe for their                      quality, lifespan and cost.

Install:        We offer a supply only or a supply and install service throughout Ireland, our close ties with leading                                        manufacturers along with our purchasing and distribution strength means we can select and provide products and                      systems with real cost savings to you.


Some of our products at a glance:  if you don't see what your looking for give us a call.


Fans; industrial, commercial and domestic.

Fans .........Where to begin; centrifugal, radial, axial, atex, bifurcated,Fans

..........mixed flow, forward, backward or radial curved, direct or belt
.........driven, in-line, pedestal, wall or roof mounted, quite simply there
.........are hundreds of fans on the market all with different characteristics
.........and for different applications, our fans have been selected from
.........chosen European manufacturers for quality, reliability and longevity.

..................... ........Whatever the application contact us and we can select the correct fan that is right for you,
... ..............we hold a large stock of our most commonly used fans and delivery is free throughout Ireland.
Dust and Fume control.

Dust and fume.........Dust and fume control is a requirement of nearly all manufacturing Dust and fume and getting the correct results are crucial, We work in
.........close collaboration with our customers to create tailored,
.........dependable and cost-effective solutions that meet stringent
.........regulations, minimise energy usage and aid production output by
.........focusing on system reliability. We have dust and fume control to suit all applications, whether developing a new
.........manufacturing process or upgrading an existing installation we offer
.........a complete solution from start to finish together with back up
.........maintenance and replacement fans, filters and components.
............................ . Supply only projects or complete design-install option available.
Paint extract booths.
Paint extract boothsFrom dry filter booths and water wash booths to fully automated paint lines,
heated spray rooms and driers, all units are fully modular construction in a vast
range of sizes and types designed and manufactured to quality standard ISO 9001
and compliant with current health and safety legislation.
Top or rear mounted belt driven axial fans with external motors supplied with starters.
Simple low cost maintenance with a choice of easy fit, low cost filters.
Self assembly kit form or full on site installation service available.
Fast delivery, most sizes in stock.

Kitchen extract hoods.

We supply a quality range of extraction hoods in various lengths, depth and heights to 
cover all cooking equipment; our range includes angled wall hoods, canopy wall hoods 
and island hoods, custom shaped hoods can be made to order, so even if space and
headroom is limited; we have the hood. All our hoods are expertly manufactured from
304 stainless steel complete with grease channels and grease discharge tap for easy
cleaning, integrated lighting and flame protection baffle filters.
Options include separate or integrated fan, speed controller, carbon filter unit and ducting.
All hoods conform to Commercial Kitchen Requirements DW 172 and CE certified.


FiltersOur extensive range of filter products are selected from leading filtration
technology companies world wide with successful track records in the
development and manufacturing of high-quality filtration solutions used
in a broad variety of applications. Our range offers the highest filtration
requirements in quality design and advanced environment-friendly
manufacturing. Our range includes HEPA filters, bag filters, fan coil filters,
grease, paint and carbon filters in various sizes and specifications.
Please contact us for any questions or enquiries you may have.
Ventilation Ductwork.

Spiral duct.
Spiral round ductOur spiral ductwork is manufactured in diameters from 80mm through to 1250mm
in custom lengths from 1.2 metres to 6.0 metres and we have the expertise to
supply any type of fitting you will ever need.

Square duct.
Many of our trade clients for spiral products manufacture square ductwork so in turn
we source square duct products from them allowing us to deliver cut price,
high quality square duct and fittings to you,,, every time.

Dust & fume duct.
Square duct, Dust and fume duct and Plasduct.Our single seam, turned edge ductwork is the ideal solution for specific problem dust
and fume extract requirements, duct and fittings are assembled using our fast clip
jointing system which is designed to maximise internal duct smoothness. We also design
machine guards and hoods aimed at user safety and unhindered machine operation.

For domestic and commercial applications in most property types, can be used with an
in line fan to extract or supply air or with a heat recovery unit for heat recovery ventilation.
A wide range of duct sizes and fitting and easy push fit joints ensures a simple,
quick and hassle free airtight installation.

Our company’s staff are experienced in all aspects of ductwork fabrication offering you a wealth of practical                                     and all round knowledge from design to manufacture; we understand your questions and are ready to answer them.

Our range of rectangular and cylindrical duct attenuators provide effective noise Silencers
reduction at substantial savings over other noise reduction methods because our
products are laboratory-developed and tested under controlled conditions.
Moreover, duct silencers are manufactured to specific metal tolerances with
controlled acoustic infill and flow resistances to achieve consistent results.
Manufactured in a variety of steels in square, cylindrical and flexible.
You send us the required specification and we select the best product available.
Flexible ducting. 
With over 40 different types in our standard range we have the right 
flex for you; insulated, non insulated and acoustic flex, high and low
temperatures and fire resistant. Hvac, domestic, industrial, agriculture,
dust & fume, material handling, chimney liners, the list goes on,
Contact us today for details and the best possible quote.
Grilles and louvers.

We supply literally hundreds of different grilles and louvers from 
a comprehensive range manufactured from mild steel, stainless
steel and aluminium, the range includes duct grilles, ceiling grilles,
floor grilles, swirl diffusers, slot diffusers, disc valves, wall grilles
and architecturally aesthetic wall and penthouse louvers.
Standard grilles are constantly re stocked so order to delivery is swift.

Ventilation Ireland offers a comprehensive range of volume control, 
shut off and non-return dampers to suit all air control needs along
with circular and rectangular fire dampers manufactured from corrosion
resistant steels, we also offer a range of blast gate dampers designed for
use in industrial exhaust systems extracting fumes, dust, wood waste etc.
Contact us for further details on our range and for selection assistance.


Accessories and bracketing.

As well as spare and replacement parts for all the above we stock a comprehensive selection
of associated components for all ventilation systems including access doors, jointing clips,
flanging, insulation and sound absorbing materials, anti vibration pads, fan belts and pulleys,
together with bracketing systems, mastics, sealants and consumables.
The majority of these items can be despatched same day and bulk delivery is free.


For further details on all our products and services,.

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